Our story

The Beginning

It all started in 2017 when we purchased a van…..you know where this is going !  Well we wanted something a bit different, when is a van not a van? when its a camper, but we also wanted a camper! So nice luxury warm van which could be an instant camper??

Better get to work!

bloK Pod was born. We set to work with the van conversion with the end product already designed in my head.

We were fortunate to be able to use our existing resources to manufacture the Pod which probably cost way more than it should have but hey ho, what’s the point of having the stuff if you can’t use it 


Time to Test

Now for the fun stuff, testing time and what an awesome summer we had. Meet up with a bunch of mates to talk about nothing, drink beer and do what we liked for 5 days. The Pod performed without a fault, considering it was only a prototype we were 90% there with the design, a few tweaks and it would be complete.

Coming from a design and manufacturing background everything that we make has been engineered to be reproduced, so when we were asked if we could make another and another it was pretty clear, what started out as a one off was to be the beginning of something exciting.

The Design

At bloK Pod we love to design, from the materials we use to the detail of the finish.

Can you over engineer something?  “Yes” but with a no compromise design policy you end up with a product that’s well……… AWESOME.  Aluminium framework with drawers that will take 200kg each!! Removable drawer inserts, be able to change the colour of your Pod (future proofing), water resistant covers for everything, including being able to use your mattresses outdoors – I think we have most things covered.  Oh and lots and lots of accessories.

We Like the Environment

We don’t like waste, so at bloK Pod we make sure every product is designed to use the maximum material.

Anything we don’t use is recycled, sent back to the mill where they turn it back into material that we can re-use and of course the bloK Pod and all its packaging is recyclable.

Meet Dan The Creator aka “makey makey man”

I like nice things, well thought out design with form that improves function. A good friend of mine said he likens it to a good sandwich, if you make it just right with the right ingredients then everyone wants a bite.

Ever since I was old enough to hold a pencil I have been designing and making ‘stuff’. As I got older the toys got bigger and better, today we have access to unlimited resources, which for a designer is Nirvana. The technology of today allows for new manufacturing processes which includes the materials we can use as designers making future ideas a reality. The future is exciting for bloK Pod.