bloK doK for Apple Watch (Silver)

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At bloK we love to design, from the materials we use to the detail of the finish. The bloK doK was born from frustration of chasing the cable every time we needed to charge our Watch. Our philosophy is if we can’t buy it we’ll make it, thankfully for you we couldn’t buy the doK we so craved for our Watch.

The bloK doK is manufactured from a solid bloK of aluminium, in house, on our CNC machinery. It then goes through a three stage finishing process before it has its anodised finish which gives it a tough durable finish, to ensure every bloK doK is of the highest quality.

We don’t like waste, so at bloK we make sure every product is designed to use the maximum material. Anything we don’t use is recycled, sent back to the mill where they turn it back into material that we can re-use and of course the bloK doK and all its packaging is recyclable. With this in mind the bloK doK was designed to be used with your already existing Magnetic charge cable that would otherwise be put in a draw only to be found years later.

Supplied in an attractive printed gift box (looks like apple) 😉 along with everything you need.

*Compatible with all Apple Watch Versions

What’s supplied:

  • 1 x Silver anodised bloK doK
  • 1 x Silver anodised Night Stand Upright
  • 1 x Fitted rubber insert to protect watch when docked
  • 1 x Fitted anti slip rubber insert on base
  • 2 x Stainless Steel Screws + allen key
  • 1 x Adhesive pad for magnetic charging ring

*Please note this doK is designed to be used with your existing magnetic charge cable supplied with your Apple Watch and is not supplied with a magnetic charging cable.


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Weight .540 kg
Dimensions 11 × 10 × 9 cm